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UV sanitizing wand

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Instant Death: Through UV irradiation, the DNA structure of a single-celled microorganism is damaged. This leads to its immediate death or loss of reproductivity.

Wide Range of Applications:

UV sterilizer wand can be used to disinfect face mask, mobile devices, keyboard, laptop, car, food, telephone, nipples, feeding bottles, pacifiers, toys, baby cloth, toilet seat, towel, bathtub, table, stool and so on.

Ideal for commercial use: We have many trade customers who bought UV sterilizer wand in bulk to sterilize items, furniture, utensils, equipment, etc on their premises.

Safety Assured: For maximum protection, UV sterilizer wand will never turn on if the wand is pointed towards you or right, left or in front of you.

Portable and Easy to Use: Small and lightweight, UV sterilizer wand is easy to store in a briefcase, handbag or luggage. Simply push the switch and you can use it to sanitize any object or surface.

Kills 99% of Bacteria: Viruses, Germs, Molds, Bed Bugs, Salmonella, Ecoli



3 timer settings – auto-turn off in 5, 15 or 30 minutes

Power Supply: 100~240V, 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 110V

UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)

4 x AA batteries required

36.3 cm Length x 4.6cm g Width

Package Includes:

1 x UV sterilizer wand



When it comes to disinfectant, one typically thinks of a chemical spray or alcohol wipe. but there are instances where a spray or wipe might be impractical and could cause damage.

For example, you cannot spray on electronic items and electrical switches.

And you can’t disinfect pillows and bedsheets with a chemical spray, or a wipe. The same goes for food.

In public settings, you can’t be wiping every door handle, and spraying on every table and chair before you sit down!

But you can use the UV sterilizer wand.

Use our UV sterilizer wand disinfects all your household surfaces instantly – eliminating 99.9% of the pathogens, molds, spores and dust mites at the flick of a switch.

Just hold UV sterilizer wand over the surface and move it slowly from side to side, to destroy the pathogens.

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